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Benefits of Membership

Be Recognized as an Industry Leader

SARA is the recognized brand of the modern automotive recycling industry in Saskatchewan. By proudly displaying the SARA and Green Parts logos, you’ll share in the prestige and respect our association has garnered with consumers, vehicle repairers and insurers.

Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC)

Direct membership in ARAAC gives you automatic membership in the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) national association. ARAAC is one of the founding Members of  ARC, representing 380 professional auto recyclers across Canada. ARC works with other national associations such as the Automotive Recyclers Association (USA), Japan Automotive Recyclers Association, European Group of Automotive Recycler Associations, Malaysian Automotive Recyclers Association, Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association of Great Britain, Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia, and Auto Recycling Netherlands. ARC oversees the several vehicle retirement programs, the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC), and the Gold Seal business certification program.

Vehicle Recycling Programs

Our Canadian association, ARC, manages a variety of vehicle recycling programs, such as Car Heaven and Retire Your Ride, and works with the auto manufacturers to promote the responsible retirement of end-of-life vehicles. These vehicle recycling programs benefit ALL participants: the Vehicle Donor, the Recycler, SARA, OEMs, and our Charity Partners. SARA members are able to participate in any ARC supported end-of-life vehicle programs.

Credit Card Processing

SFP is a leading payment processing provider helping merchants navigate the constant changes in the bank card industry while keeping costs low, ensuring data security, and enhancing efficiency by making it simple to run transactions. SFP offers Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association (SARA) members SFP credit card processing services at a special discount off its regular rates.

SFP will provide a member company a savings proposal based on its unique processing needs, an SFP consultative analysis and will quote expected program savings in advance SARA members will also enjoy these exclusive member benefits:

  • In addition to quoted savings, 10% of the net process revenue SFP generates from a member’s account will be rebated back to the member on an annual basis.
  • A 60-day trial period and no-cost equipment loaner program.
  • A 90-day trial period for members that do not currently accept credit cards.
  • A free “AccessOne” online reporting system, a $120 annual value.
  • A dedicated member helpline: (855) 632-9862.

As trusted advisors, SFP professionals assess each company’s current situation to evaluate its strengths and identify areas for improvement, and provide its employees with education on how the processing industry works and how to avoid common pitfalls.

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Other Membership Benefits

Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association SARA supports what you do by promoting a positive image of the Saskatchewan automotive recycling industry and informing consumers about the environmental and economic benefits of using green recycled parts.

SARA’s Board of Directors and Executive represent your best interests as a member, taking up your concerns with industry stakeholders.

SARA also works in cooperation with ARC to support your certification under the Canadian Automotive Recycling Environmental Code (CAREC).

Your yard is listed on both SARA’s as well as ARC’s websites to help customers find your business and in other places where SARA posts its membership roster.

SARA offers fraternity and information sharing with other industry professionals and networking opportunities at meetings, annual conferences and events.


Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association

  • Jack Smith, President