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Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association

The Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association Inc. (SARA) was formed in 2011 to be a voice for auto recyclers in Saskatchewan. We are committed to leading the way for our industry in terms of environmentally responsible recycling practices, and maintaining awareness of industry trends, issues and opportunities in order to achieve more positive outcomes.

Our vision is a vibrant and strong industry and the achievement of high environmental standards that benefit our members, customers and Saskatchewan generally.

SARA’s principal aim is to conserve the valuable resources involved in producing and operating the vehicles driven by Saskatchewanians today when they become damaged or inoperable, by recycling the parts. SARA also works to inform consumers about the environmental and economic benefits of using green recycled parts so that they can contribute to this enrichment.

When recycling vehicles that have reached the end of their lives, our member businesses remove and arrange for the proper disposal of substances within them that would otherwise be toxic to the environment. This includes mercury, oils, gasoline, refrigerants and battery chemicals to name a few as well as tires and other materials that must be removed so that the steel bodies can be safely shredded, then melted back to re-usable steel.

SARA seeks to work for the benefit of its members and all industry stakeholders to promote a ‘greener’ and more successful automotive recycling industry in Saskatchewan.

Modern Auto Recycling

Recycled Parts Warehouse

Progressive Auto Recycling

Forget the old “junk yard dog” image of the auto recycler. Using modern business practices and strict environmental controls, today’s recyclers provide low cost, high quality used auto parts in a way that benefits the consumer, the industry and the earth. In doing so, they help to reduce insurance rates, vehicle repair bills and staggering amounts of pollution.

  • Good for the Earth

    Good for the Earth

    Re-using quality parts from another vehicle is perhaps the purest form of recycling. Not only will you be preventing a mountain of waste from ending up in landfill, you’ll be reducing the need for new products to be manufactured. That saves energy and resources and reduces the harmful emissions that result from the manufacturing process.

  • Good for Your Wallet

    Good for Your Wallet

    You’ll significantly reduce your vehicle repair cost without sacrificing quality when you make the switch to recycled green parts. In fact, road-tested and guaranteed green parts are generally about half the price of new OEM replacement parts.

  • Good for Your Vehicle

    Good for Your Vehicle

    You can rest assured that the recycled parts you purchase will be right for your vehicle because they’re the original OEM parts made for your vehicle — the original specifications, the perfect fit, the right performance.

Retire Your Vehicle

Whether you’re looking to sell your vehicle or donating it to charity, make sure it goes to the certified ARC Recycler near you so it’s handled properly.

Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association

  • Jack Smith, President